“Rescue” describes a lot of different vehicles in the fire service. Whether you need a heavy-duty rescue with a lot of storage, a fully-kitted out command center, or a light rescue that can nimbly go where larger apparatus can’t, we have the vehicle for you.

Explore E-One’s Lineup

With a legacy spanning over 50 years, E-ONE stands as a true pioneer, synonymous with high-quality engineering, manufacturing and delivery of fire trucks. Every E-ONE fire apparatus is meticulously crafted from the ground up, ensuring an unparalleled performance that you can trust.

E-ONE’s non-walk-in rescue can be used in a wide array of applications from technical rescue/multi-vehicle accidents, confined space/high-angle rescue, area illumination, extrication, wet rescue (with water and pump), Haz-Mat and USAR as well as many other disciplines. Maximum storage space and equipment capabilities in a heavy duty platform with large transverse storage solutions for extra gear is this rig’s specialty.

The E-ONE walk-in rescue provides the space first responders need to efficiently store and utilize vital life-saving equipment. With a wide center walkway, countertops and large compartments, the interior of the E-ONE walk-in rescue allows first responders a spacious area to transport crew. This includes work stations and storage for specialized delicate equipment as well as a designated space for rehab or Haz-Mat operations control.

The E-ONE combo rescue provides a blend of capabilities of both walk-in and non-walk-in rescue bodies. The rear body with all of the spacious storage features of the non-walk-in body joins a forward walk-in module for mission critical duties. Command, rehab, Haz-Mat or dive/swift water rescue are just a few of the duties the forward module can accommodate on-scene to elevate your response capabilities.

The E-ONE light rescue may be smaller than its big brothers, but don’t let that fool you. It has all of the capabilities of any of the E-ONE rescue line-up, but in a more compact size. Like all E-ONE apparatus, our light rescue body is designed with 3/16” extruded aluminum with a full main frame to offer one of the industry’s strongest light rescue bodies. Built for the long haul with a longer base service life, it offers future cost savings with easy re-chassis capabilities due to this superior body design.

The E-ONE command center is a specialized rescue that provides a full suite of technology for communications and crisis command on-scene. Allowing cross functional control from all sectors involved in regional emergency services, these units are self-contained and provide the command and control required for extended service until the crisis or event is mitigated. Airports, refineries, forestry and law enforcement/homeland security first responders and others can count on the command center when it matters most.

The VM8 Mini-Rescue may be smaller than its big brothers, but don’t let that fool you. It has the same capabilities of larger apparatus but in a more compact size. The aluminum formed huck-bolted body is engineered and tested for long service life with a more affordable price point than comparable product offerings in the marketplace.

Explore KME’s Lineup

Communities across the country depend on the lasting durability of the wide range of KME apparatus. Driven by their legacy of leadership in manufacturing heavy-duty, specialized equipment, KME delivers comprehensive solutions to meet the unique demands of each fire department.

The KME Walk-In Rescue provides the safest features including safe egress, emergency exit hatches, and ergonomic interior designs that allow your entire department to perform their duties safely and efficiently.

With equipment mounting, hydraulic accessory installation, generator system installation, and air system installation, the KME Walk-Around Rescue will provide your department with the safest design.

KME Combination Rescue combines the best of a walk-in rescue with the storage of a walk-around Rescue. With cab or side body entry, interiors can be customized for several functions.

Explore Ferrara’s Lineup

With over 30 years of experience as volunteer firefighters, Ferrara Fire Apparatus has led the firefighting industry with custom-built fire apparatus designed to meet the most demanding conditions. Our extra-heavy-duty construction protects crews and delivers maximum response capabilities so they can carry out their vital mission of serving communities.

Ferrara’s Light Rescues are available between 10 feet to 14 feet and give you the flexibility to arrange the compartmentation and performance to meet the exact purpose of your truck. The Light Rescue is ideal for all rescue functions especially EMS, first response and support vehicles for all types of fire departments.

Ferrara’s Medium Rescues are available between 14 feet to 20 feet in length and built with versatility maximizing and utilizing every inch of space. From walk-in, walk around or a little of both, our medium rescues are customized with the compartmentalization that allows your department to carry the extensive amount of rescue equipment and capabilities needed to protect your residents in any situation.

The Ferrara Heavy Rescues are “MISSION DRIVEN” and designed with our customers to get the maximum performance capabilities out of each truck. Whether it is a walk-in or walk around, our fire bodies are made from 3/16” extruded aluminum and can be configured in many different ways. Installed on our custom chassis, the Ferrara Heavy Rescue is truly strong as a tank and ready to perform in the most extreme situations.

Being prepared for specific emergency response with an apparatus that has the exact capabilities and tools is extremely common in these dynamic times. Whether a fire department, police department, state or local agency, we’ll work with you to develop a Specialty Rescue truck that excels in performance and reliability.

For detailed information on our fire apparatus or inquiries about available stock units, connect with your dedicated territory manager or contact Rick Stuardi directly.

Rick Stuardi

Truck Product Manager