Industrial apparatus often has the largest pumps, the biggest booms and can be the most specialized depending on the facility it’s being used in. E-ONE and Ferrara both have many years of experience engineering complex industrial vehicles for a variety of purposes.

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With a legacy spanning over 50 years, E-ONE stands as a true pioneer, synonymous with high-quality engineering, manufacturing and delivery of fire trucks. Every E-ONE fire apparatus is meticulously crafted from the ground up, ensuring an unparalleled performance that you can trust.

E-ONE offers a proven track record in aerial safety with ZERO structural failures or tip-overs in more than 30 years of aerial production and our industrial platforms are no exception. With robust pump configurations to meet your industrial needs, E-ONE aerials offer performance and versatility that are second to none.

With a wide assortment of foam and chemical systems, dual and single deck guns, E-ONE’s industrial custom pumpers are the most versatile, durable pumpers on the market.

Offering both extruded aluminum and stainless steel bodies as well as foam tanks up to 3000 gallons, E-ONE industrial pumpers will meet unique needs while exceeding expectations.

Explore Ferrara’s Lineup

With over 30 years of experience as volunteer firefighters, Ferrara Fire Apparatus has led the firefighting industry with custom-built fire apparatus designed to meet the most demanding conditions. Our extra-heavy-duty construction protects crews and delivers maximum response capabilities so they can carry out their vital mission of serving communities.

Forged in Louisiana’s Petro-Chemical Alley, the Ferrara Inundator Super Pumper was designed with the purpose of exceeding the increasing flow demands of today’s high application rate storage tanks and process units. With the US Fire Pump HVP pump, world record flow rates of over 10,000 gpm from a pressurized source are achievable with just one pumper. The Super Pumper is also capable of a horizontal reach factor of up to 500 feet and equally impressive vertical reach factors with industry standard monitor systems.

Industrial fire departments depend on reliable foam tenders to move large amounts of foam on scene and Ferrara Fire Apparatus builds the best with tank sizes up to 4000 gallons.

From rescues and HAZMAT units to industrial pumpers and aerials, Ferrara Fire Apparatus offers a wide range of industrial firefighting apparatus to meet the needs of refineries worldwide.

When stream placement is absolutely critical for effective cooling and extinguishment, the Ferrara Inundator Super Pumper Articulating Boom Apparatus was designed to meet those requirements. Teamed with the US Fire Pump HVP pump and the Schwing 85’ three section articulating boom with an 8” waterway, you now have the ability to flow in excess of 4000 gpm with maximum versatility.

For detailed information on our fire apparatus or inquiries about available stock units, connect with your dedicated territory manager or contact Rick Stuardi directly.

Rick Stuardi

Truck Product Manager