Rev Brands offer a wide variety of Aerial Ladders in lengths ranging from 75 feet up to 137 feet. You can choose your chassis and body style, number of axles and whether you need it to be heavy-duty. Whether you choose E-ONE, KME or Ferrara, dedicated engineers are ready to help you customize your apparatus.

Explore E-One’s Lineup

With a legacy spanning over 50 years, E-ONE stands as a true pioneer, synonymous with high-quality engineering, manufacturing and delivery of fire trucks. Every E-ONE fire apparatus is meticulously crafted from the ground up, ensuring an unparalleled performance that you can trust.

E-ONE’s HP 75 features an extruded aluminum ladder that exceeds NFPA requirements with a 2.5:1 structural safety factor. In addition, the aluminum aerial will not rust, need painting, or require rung cover replacement. The HP 75 delivers lower life-cycle cost than other aerials on the market.

E-ONE’s HP 78 features a 750 lb tip load for increased rescue capability and additional reach of similar products in its class. The ToughTruss™ ladder design features extruded aluminum construction that exceeds NFPA’s 1901 requirements with a 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor.

100’ Reach. Single axle. Truck company. From E-ONE, the innovator of aluminum aerials, comes the Metro 100 – a highly maneuverable aerial ladder with a 100’ vertical reach. The LTH100 ladder is available with or without a pre-piped waterway.

The Metro 110 Ladder is available with a Typhoon or Cyclone chassis. The best part is that this ladder is available on a single or tandem axle quint or no pump no tank configurations all while not compromising compartment space, ground ladder storage and pump options.

The Metro 100 Quint with HR 100 Ladder is compact and maneuverable for tight streets. It features criss-cross under-slung jacks that require very little space to deploy. Based on the proven HM 100/110 design, the Metro 100 Quint features the ToughTruss ladder design with up to a 750 lb tip load.

The HR 100 with a tandem rear axle provides additional storage space and weight carrying than single rear axle units and is available as a Quint or Truck Company. The criss-cross under-slung jacks have a narrow 12’ spread that require very little space to deploy. The aerial features the ToughTruss ladder design with a 500 lb tip load (wet or dry).

If tip-load and low-angle performance top your list of “must haves,” our CR 100 Ladder with an impressive 750 lb tip capacity for firefighters is your aerial. It utilizes our exclusive integral torque box chassis which provides a rock-solid foundation for the aerial. The crisscross under-slung jacks have a spread of only 13’8”, take less space to deploy and allow for more storage space that H-Style outriggers.

Buildings aren’t getting shorter. Fires don’t have a maximum height limit. So why should your aerial ladder only be 100’? Reaching more than 13 stories high, the CR 137 is North America’s tallest aerial ladder, and with its 13’8” crisscross under-slung stabilizers, the aerial sets up quickly.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the CR 137 is its ability to reach a target that is 110’ high AND 80’ horizontally off the side while supporting a 750 lb personnel tip load.

Our eMAX pump location and apparatus configuration is designed to offer maximum maneuverability; maximum storage space; maximum accessibility with low, pre-connected handlines; maximum fire / rescue with the ability to carry equipment necessary for fire, rescue and EMS response in one organized apparatus. When coupled with E-ONE’s proven extruded aluminum HP 75, HP 78 or HP 100 ladder designs, all these features combined allow you to maximize your performance with the eMAX by E-ONE.

E-ONE’s 95-Platform has a proven reputation for durability and reliability. The welded extruded aluminum construction provides a low total cost of ownership. The bucket features angled corners and a perimeter step to provide excellent egress. Underneath the 95-Platform is the E-ONE exclusive integral torque box chassis for industry leading strength. The 245” wheelbase provides great maneuverability and aerial set-up is fast with its 13’8” crisscross underslung outriggers.

The HP 95 Mid-Mount platform is designed for departments that have travel height restrictions or prefer a centrally located turntable. The extruded aluminum aerial is exceptionally stable, and with only one set of extending stabilizers and auto-leveling system, is quick and easy to set up in tight locations. With waterway flows up to 2000 GPM and a large mid-ship pump, the HP 95 platform has excellent fire-fighting capability. The extruded aluminum body features a no pump no tank and quint configurations with wide ladder tunnel option and 300-to-500-gallon tank.

The innovative E-ONE HP 100 Platform features a welded extruded aluminum aerial. The large platform features front corner gates and a perimeter step that can be equipped with a single or dual monitors. The high strength integral torque box chassis provides a rock-solid foundation while the 15’6” crisscross under-slung outriggers provide outstanding stability. The optional short jack feature allows the unit to set up in tight places while also providing enhanced levelling capabilities for setting up on grades. This more than capable machine can handle both rescue and firefighting duties with ease.

Explore KME’s Lineup

Communities across the country depend on the lasting durability of the wide range of KME apparatus. Driven by their legacy of leadership in manufacturing heavy-duty, specialized equipment, KME delivers comprehensive solutions to meet the unique demands of each fire department.

KME ladders lead the Fire Service in horizontal reach, tipload capacity (wet and dry), high-capacity water flow, monitor positioning and safe access to the Ladder. The 79-foot Single Axle has a vertical reach of 79 feet, a horizontal reach of 79 feet and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

All KME rearmount ladders include unparalleled strength with up to a 2.5:1 safety factor. The 79-foot Tandem Axle has a vertical reach of 79 feet, a horizontal reach of 70 feet and a rated capacity of 750lbs.

The materials, testing, engineering and motion control systems in every KME aerial deliver the confidence to perform even under the most extreme conditions. The 103-foot Four-Section Tandem Axle has a vertical reach of 103 feet, a horizontal reach of 94 feet and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

KME ladders are engineered to provide a clear walkway so there is no need to worry about excessive cables or wiring installed in your climbing path. The 109-foot Four-Section Tandem Axle has a vertical reach of 109 feet, a horizontal reach of 100 feet and a rated capacity of 750lbs.

Fire scenes are crowded enough, with a tight stabilizer stance of just 12′, there will be no reason why departments can’t get this ladder into service. The 123-foot Four-Section Tandem Axle has a vertical reach of 123 feet, a horizontal reach of 114 feet and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

The 100-foot tiller with no water is the shortest TDA available, allowing you to get into the tightest fire scene or smaller fire stations. The 100-foot TDA Ladder has a vertical reach of 100 feet, a horizontal reach of 92 feet and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

KME tractor-drawn aerials are known for their maneuverability with the shortest wheelbase and overall length available in the industry. Choose this 101-foot tiller with a pre-piped waterway or add a pump and tank and transform your TDA into an NFPA® 1901 compliant quint. The 101-foot TDA Ladder has a vertical reach of 101 feet, a horizontal reach of 94 feet and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

The PRO™ is a multi-purpose response vehicle which addresses the ever changing needs of today’s fire service, with an increased focus on maximizing storage space. The pumphouse is minimized to consume less space, while the pump controls are placed in an ergonomic location for simplified operations.

Built to navigate around tight city streets the KME Tuff Tuck™ takes maximum drivability to a new level with a cab and body width as narrow as 96” and a wheelbase as short as 198”. Designed with two sets of H style stabilizers fully extending to only 12’ allows for positioning and unrivaled performance on an 11-degree slope. By integrating mitered corners the rear tail swing is reduced by 9” and diminishes the possibility of damage to the rear body. The Tuff Truck has an increased water capacity of up to 650 gallons of water and up to 249 cubic feet of body capacity for enhanced firefighting capability.

KME ladders take smooth operation to a whole new level. Our motion control systems provide safer and easier controls than any truck ever built for the fire service. The 95-foot Platform has a vertical reach of 95 feet, a horizontal reach of 85 feet and a rated capacity of 1,000lbs.

The 102-foot platform offers the shortest wheelbases, overall lengths and lowest heights in the industry. It has a vertical reach of 102 feet, a horizontal reach of 94 feet and a rated capacity of 1,000lbs.

KME Mid-mount platforms have travel heights as low as 10-ft, 5-in, allowing your department to maneuver in low-clearance environments. KME Mid-mounts also feature a short overall length from 43-feet, allowing you to navigate the tightest areas. However, low travel heights and short overall length don’t equal small storage capabilities. KME Mid-mount platforms allow for storage of 1,000-feet of LDH hose, a large ISO ground ladder complement, 300 gallons of water and full height/full depth compartments. The Mid-mount 102-foot has a vertical reach of 102 feet, a horizontal reach of 94 feet and a rated capacity of 1,000lbs.

Explore Ferrara’s Lineup

With over 30 years of experience as volunteer firefighters, Ferrara Fire Apparatus has led the firefighting industry with custom-built fire apparatus designed to meet the most demanding conditions. Our extra-heavy-duty construction protects crews and delivers maximum response capabilities so they can carry out their vital mission of serving communities.

Our most popular aerial every year, the HD-77 is a do-all quint. With a compact wheelbase that’s shorter than some top mount custom pumpers, the HD-77 brings it all to the fire. The HD-77 Ladder has a vertical reach of 77 feet, a horizontal reach of 70 feet and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

The LP-102 is the perfect solution when you are faced with a smaller fire station that not only has small door openings, but also limited in the length of vehicle that can be kept. The LP-102 can be built as low as 10-ft, 10-in with a pre-piped waterway and 10-ft, 4-in without waterway. If needed, the truck can be designed with an overall length under 40-feet. The LP-102 Ladder has a vertical reach of 102 feet, a horizontal reach of 97 feet and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

Nothing says heavy-duty like the Ferrara HD-107 with a heavy duty 750lb tip load ladder and our Inferno or Ultra chassis and extruded body. The HD-107 rearmount aerial has a vertical reach of 107 feet, a horizontal reach of 101 feet and a standard travel height of under 12 feet.

Easily being the most versatile apparatus available, the MVP Rescue Ladder is available with up to 500 gallons on a single rear axle and up to 250 cubic feet of storage. The low crosslays are easy to deploy and safer to reload while standing on the street. The MVP’s pump is a traditional shaft driven midship, ratable up to 2250 gpm. The HD-77 MVP Rescue Ladder has a vertical reach of 77 feet, a horizontal reach of 70 feet and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

When the need for extreme maneuverability is combined with a heavy duty aerial, Ferrara’s tillers are where you should turn. The TD-100 has a compact trailer wheelbase and no pre-piped waterway. It has a vertical reach of 100 feet, a horizontal reach of 92-ft, 10-in and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

The TD-101 has a traditional sized trailer with a pre-piped waterway. It has a vertical reach of 101 feet, a horizontal reach of 94-ft, 2-in and a rated capacity of 500lbs.

Safety. Heavy Duty Construction. Performance. These are all qualities you look for in an aerial platform. The Ferrara HD-100 Rear Mount Platform gives you those and more. It also boasts Ferrara’s legendary heavy duty construction with 3/16” thick aluminum cab and body plus a 100,000 psi steel aerial. For safety, the aerial has a full complement of safety interlocks, the cab and body have been load tested to 66,000 pounds in excess of NFPA 1901 requirements.

The Ferrara HD-100 Mid-Mount platform is our popular low profile, 100-foot platform. With a standard height of only 10-ft, 9-in, the HD-100 fits in nearly any fire house. Able to be designed as a quint or traditional truck, this 5-section aerial platform featured Ferrara’s impressive horizontal reach, able to access a 6th floor window and overcome 86 feet of setback at only 30° elevation. Operating off an overpass or bridge, the HD-100 can reach over 11 feet below street level and 96 feet from the turntable when fully extended at -12°.

For detailed information on our fire apparatus or inquiries about available stock units, connect with your dedicated territory manager or contact Rick Stuardi directly.

Rick Stuardi

Truck Product Manager