Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Gear Up For Safety

Elevate your firefighting capabilities with our premium selection of PPE. From SCBAs and turnout gear to boots, helmets and more — we've got you covered.


We offer advanced Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBAs) from MSA. For over 100 years, MSA has been providing dependable, high-quality products to the fire service that will help to ensure a safe return home.

Turnout Gear

Globe has four options for turnout gear jackets and pants, which means we have an option at your price point. And all Globe turnout gear comes with a warranty for the materials and workmanship for the serviceable life of the product.


Footwear matters in the fire service. Boots have a heavy lift when they need to keep your feet dry, protected from fire and sharp objects, and still need to be comfortable. Globe has found the right balance with athletic footwear construction and all the protection you need on the fireground.


Cairns helmets have been around since 1836, and while there have definitely been some improvements on the original, they are still known as the best head protection for firefighters today.


Your hood protects you from heat as well as particulate exposure. We offer multiple brands so you can find the one you like best.


The gloves you wear into a fire are probably not the gloves you’re going to use at an MVA extrication. And that’s why we offer a wide range of gloves–so you can have the right pair when you’re on scene.

Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered.

If you would like to purchase equipment or receive more information on any of these products, please get in touch with Kent Bradley at ext. 106 and or Dalton Combs at ext. 114 and

 From SCBAs and turnout gear to boots, helmets and more — we’ve got you covered.

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