Designed to meet a variety of operational and budgetary needs, our pumpers and rescue pumpers are the most versatile and durable on the market.

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With a legacy spanning over 50 years, E-ONE stands as a true pioneer, synonymous with high-quality engineering, manufacturing and delivery of fire trucks. Every E-ONE fire apparatus is meticulously crafted from the ground up, ensuring an unparalleled performance that you can trust.

Vector is the first North-American style, fully electric fire truck. Vector is innovatively engineered so firefighters can drive and pump on electric power only. Energized with proven global technology and customizable to meet your department’s needs. Zero tailpipe emissions. Zero tailpipe greenhouse gas. Reduced noise pollution and quieter on scene. Vector is taking firefighting to an extraordinary new level.

E-ONE commercial rescue pumpers are available on two- or four-door Freightliner®, International®, or Spartan FC-94 chassis with all-aluminum 5052-h32 compartmentation and formed skeletal superstructure. A variety of tanks and pump sizes are available.

E-ONE® pumpers and rescue pumpers are the most versatile, durable pumpers on the market. Offering both 3/16” extruded aluminum and stainless steel bodies and tank sizes up to 1,530 gallons, they’re available on three of the industry’s strongest chassis. E-ONE pumpers will meet your unique needs while exceeding your expectations.

The E-ONE AFT Custom Pumper is a line of build-ready apparatus in multiple configurations at competitive prices. It’s custom—made simple!

Manufactured by the same skilled technicians and engineers who design E-ONE mainline products, E-ONE commercial pumpers offer the perfect combination of quality, performance and flexibility to meet your department’s operational and budgetary needs. Commercial pumpers are fully engineered for easy service and reduced cost over the life of your department’s apparatus.

Don’t let its small size fool you! The Mini Pumper features an all-aluminum body designed for durability and maximum storage capacity. Using the latest technology, the lightweight body is strong without sacrificing structural integrity.

The eMAX apparatus configuration is designed to offer maximum maneuverability with a short wheelbase; maximum storage space; maximum accessibility with low, pre-connected handlines; and maximum duty with the ability to carry all your equipment necessary for fire, rescue and EMS response.

The Urban Interface eMAX offers maximum maneuverability with a short wheelbase; maximum storage space for a configuration of this size; maximum accessibility with low, pre-connected handlines and a rear access ladder; and maximum urban interface with a 20-degree angle of approach and departure for off-road clearance, front skid plates and fuel tank brush guard for off-road protection, low profile bumper turret with joystick controls, and an optional hydraulic pump and roll system.

The eMAX apparatus configuration is designed to offer maximum maneuverability with a short wheelbase; maximum storage space; maximum accessibility with low, pre-connected handlines; and maximum duty with the ability to carry all your equipment necessary for fire, rescue and EMS response. All of this is available on a commercial chassis, so you can maximize performance and stay within your budget.

Explore KME’s Lineup

Communities across the country depend on the lasting durability of the wide range of KME apparatus. Driven by their legacy of leadership in manufacturing heavy-duty, specialized equipment, KME delivers comprehensive solutions to meet the unique demands of each fire department.

The Challenger Pumper combines innovative design with full pumper and heavy rescue features. Engineered with budget-minded departments in mind, this pumper offers a wide range of body and tank styles, custom or commercial chassis types, and a diverse option selection to meet your specifications.

The PRO® is a pumper with the heart of a rescue. With an increased focus on maximizing storage space, the pumphouse is minimized while the pump controls are placed in an ergonomic location for simplified operations.

KME’s Rearmount Pumpers offer unparalleled compartmentation capacity on a maneuverable short wheelbase. Bodies are available in aluminum or stainless steel with multiple chassis, pump, tank, hose bed and storage options.

KME will design your Interface Pumper to meet the specific needs and demands of your department. The design starts with a strong body on spring mounts and the option of a stainless steel or poly water tank.

Many departments use this type of unit to go where larger units can’t – up a driveway, down a mountain path, on the shoulder of a freeway, or even to the backside of a garden apartment complex. The large pumps may be used for both attack and supply.

With six different models and thousands of options, you can customize the features that your department needs to solve the challenges that you face for a custom pumper at a less-than-custom-pumper price tag.

Explore Ferrara’s Lineup

With over 30 years of experience as volunteer firefighters, Ferrara Fire Apparatus has led the firefighting industry with custom-built fire apparatus designed to meet the most demanding conditions. Our extra-heavy-duty construction protects crews and delivers maximum response capabilities so they can carry out their vital mission of serving communities.

Featuring our custom chassis and your choice of extruded aluminum or modular fire body, Ferrara’s Custom Pumpers are built strong to stand the test of time. Many different pump and tank configurations are available along with endless equipment and ladder storage options.

Maintaining the performance capabilities of a custom pumper while carrying an immense amount of rescue equipment makes this truck truly the Most Valuable Player. Designed with firefighter safety in mind, the MVP features low step heights, frame rail height cross lays and lowered body height to make equipment retrieval easier and safer.

Ferrara’s Commercial Pumpers offer the high performance and flexibility needed by fire departments today. Work with our engineers to design the exact pump, tank and equipment storage layout that will maximize your response capabilities in any environment.

Ferrara’s competitively-priced Invader Pumper is a line of ready-to-build custom pumpers that provide your department with the flexibility to choose from multiple configurations with a range of options to meet your unique operational needs.

For detailed information on our fire apparatus or inquiries about available stock units, connect with your dedicated territory manager or contact Rick Stuardi directly.

Rick Stuardi

Truck Product Manager