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KME knows that off-road is a specialized environment requiring specialized features. Features like heavy duty subframes to keep the body strong, flexible mounting systems to allow the body to move independently from the chassis or true pump-and-roll to allow a strong, steady fire attack while the truck moves at whatever speed the operator desires. KME has supplied apparatus to some of the most demanding wildland agencies and departments. More importantly, we’ve listened to them and learned from their experience.

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KME builds the strongest bodies with spring mounts to compensate for your terrain, then offers both, stainless steel water tanks or poly water tanks to fit your preference. KME will design your apparatus to fulfill your wildland or structural fire fighting needs.

These trucks are designed as more mobile counterparts to the full size pumper. Many departments use this type of unit to go where larger units can’t – up a driveway, down a mountain path, on the shoulder of a freeway, or even to the backside of a garden apartment complex. The large pumps may be used for both attack and supply. These units are usually built to comply with NFPA 1901, but can also be equipped with most of the specialty off-road options from our Wildland quick attack line.

These units are multi-purpose, capable of not only Wildland attack, they can function as light rescue, initial attack, or medical support with the ability to be NFPA 1906 compliant. When properly designed and equipped, can meet all of the NWCG/FEMA/FIRESCOPE requirements for a Type 5, Type 6 or Type 7 Engine. Sometimes these units are pure Wildland, with features such as heavy-duty suspensions and tread plate bodies for durability off-road. KME has several base models to start with, including flatbed bodies, patrol bodies, and full light rescue style bodies. And we have a full library of options, including portable gas and diesel driven pumps, tank sizes, discharge locations, and off-road modifications.

The RidgeRunner™ brings you a large pumping capacity and a large water tank (up to 1000 gallons), combines it with superior pump-and-roll, puts it in a short package with a tight wheelbase, and accessorizes it with all the NFPA 1901 pumper requirements. Whether it’s on the highway, off road, in the forest, or up the driveway, the RidgeRunner™ is designed for the job.

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For detailed information on our fire apparatus or inquiries about available stock units, connect with your dedicated territory manager or contact Rick Stuardi directly.

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