E-ONE Aerial Ladders

With zero tip overs in more than 40 years, E-ONE’s performance and safety is unmatched. Leading the way with advanced engineering and innovative design, every E-ONE aerial fire apparatus we manufacture comes loaded with features that enhance crew efficiency while keeping them safe.

E-ONE’s HP 75 features an extruded aluminum ladder that exceeds NFPA requirements with a 2.5:1 structural safety factor. In addition, the aluminum aerial will not rust, need painting, or require rung cover replacement. The HP 75 delivers lower life-cycle cost than other aerials on the market.

E-ONE’s HP 78 features a 750 lb tip load for increased rescue capability and additional reach of similar products in its class. The ToughTruss™ ladder design features extruded aluminum construction that exceeds NFPA’s 1901 requirements with a 2.5 to 1 structural safety factor.

100’ Reach. Single axle. Truck company. From E-ONE, the innovator of aluminum aerials, comes the Metro 100 – a highly maneuverable aerial ladder with a 100’ vertical reach. The LTH100 ladder is available with or without a pre-piped waterway.

The Metro 110 Ladder is available with a Typhoon or Cyclone chassis. The best part is that this ladder is available on a single or tandem axle quint or no pump no tank configurations all while not compromising compartment space, ground ladder storage and pump options.

The Metro 100 Quint with HR 100 Ladder is compact and maneuverable for tight streets. It features criss-cross under-slung jacks that require very little space to deploy. Based on the proven HM 100/110 design, the Metro 100 Quint features the ToughTruss ladder design with up to a 750 lb tip load.

The HR 100 with a tandem rear axle provides additional storage space and weight carrying than single rear axle units and is available as a Quint or Truck Company. The criss-cross under-slung jacks have a narrow 12’ spread that require very little space to deploy. The aerial features the ToughTruss ladder design with a 500 lb tip load (wet or dry).

If tip-load and low-angle performance top your list of “must haves,” our CR 100 Ladder with an impressive 750 lb tip capacity for firefighters is your aerial. It utilizes our exclusive integral torque box chassis which provides a rock-solid foundation for the aerial. The crisscross under-slung jacks have a spread of only 13’8”, take less space to deploy and allow for more storage space that H-Style outriggers.

Buildings aren’t getting shorter. Fires don’t have a maximum height limit. So why should your aerial ladder only be 100’? Reaching more than 13 stories high, the CR 137 is North America’s tallest aerial ladder, and with its 13’8” crisscross under-slung stabilizers, the aerial sets up quickly.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the CR 137 is its ability to reach a target that is 110’ high AND 80’ horizontally off the side while supporting a 750 lb personnel tip load.

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