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Globe G-XTREME® 3.0 Jacket

With Globe’s exclusive AXTION® Back and Sleeve, the Globe G-XTREME® 3.0 is tailored in the chest, shoulder, and sleeve to maximize mobility. Featuring a lower collar with a deeper neck opening offers more flexibility, less restriction, and an overall better fitting jacket, even with your particulate hood on. The Globe G-XTREME® 3.0 is available to order in a Straight or Tapered shape to fit your body better.

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Product Details

  • Thermally enhanced upper body is purposefully oversized to provide greater coverage.
  • Contoured sleeves are ergonomically curved to work with you — not against you.
  • One-piece contoured collar eliminates bulk and maintains ergonomic shape when flipped up or folded down.
  • Expansion cargo/handwarmer pockets are reinforced with KEVLAR® fabric inside and NOMEX® fleece behind.
  • AXTION® Back adds length across your shoulders when you work in front of you.
  • AXTION® Sleeve provides extra length when you reach.
  • Free-hanging throat tab stays out of the way when not deployed.
  • YOCCO™ Drag Rescue Device is easy to deploy when you need it, out of the way when you don’t.
  • Telescoping sleeve wells keep water out and add thermal protection.
  • TRIMTRAX® Thread Protection lasts far longer on sewn-on trim than conventional stitching.
  • Liner-access opening is oversized to allow for easy access between the layers.
  • Optional ZIPPERGRIPPER™ makes starting zipper a breeze.
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