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Whether you're fighting a massive building fire or coordinating relief efforts in the wake of nature's wrath, communication and asset command is vital for saving lives and property.  That's why Sunbelt Fire is proud to partner with Peake (formerly ICS), a world leader in the design and construction of state of the art mobile command platforms and mission critical mobile communication systems.


Command Trailers


Vehicle Integration & Retrofitting

Sunbelt Fire offers a dynamic line of Mobile Command Platforms that provide users with essential resources throughout for incident command and response. In addition, we can rebuild, convert, and integrate existing mobile command vehicles to provide up-to-date, well rounded solutions for command, control, and communications. Our retrofit service can provide a technology refresh that will update existing technology systems in any vehicle

Our line of communications trailers provide agencies and organizations with a mobile infrastructure that brings communications to the front lines. Whether you need data and voice for response teams, satellite, cellular and radio communications to areas of need, or autonomous, versatile enclosed working spaces for disaster response, we have a trailer that can meet the needs of your department and your budget.


Commercial & Specialty Vehicles


SUV-Based Vehicles

For response teams who need communications in the field quickly, Sunbelt Fire can provide several SUV-Based solutions. Designed for optimal mobility and reliability, our SUV solutions give agencies advanced communications where they need them the most. These vehicles provide the functionality of a large Command unit in a nimble, quickly deployed platform, with flexible communications options that can deliver broadband data, radio, telephone and video to areas in need.

Peake allows us at Sunbelt Fire to offer a wide range of vehicle platforms customized to your mobile command requirements.  From commercial body "box" trucks, to buses and RV bodies, and even vans, sprinters and off-road platforms, we put quality and reliability at the forefront of your vehicle's design and construction. Our team will help you select the right mobile command platform and equipment options to meet your specifications and mission requirements.

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