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At Sunbelt Fire, we understand the critical mission in having your MSA SCBA and Bauer breathing air equipment in “perfect” operating condition. It doesn't matter if it is just a minor repair, basic maintenance, spare parts, major overhaul of your Bauer air compressor, or a complete new installation of a Bauer system, we are ready to meet your needs.


The Sunbelt Fire Breathing Air Service team is certified in the most up to date training techniques and service certifications for MSA and Bauer. They undergo continuous updates to maintain your SCBA and train your fire department operators in filling, cleaning, and general maintenance of your equipment.


Sunbelt Fire Breathing Air Service brochure

On-Site Service Options

  • 24 hour Emergency Response on “Down” Compressor Service Calls
  • Total MSA and Bauer Warranty Support
  • Annual Inspection & Service Contracts
  • NFPA 1500/1989 Air Testing for Compressors
  • Fully Insured in Station Service Operations

Field Demos & Support

  • MSA “CARE” Program for SCBA Familiarization & Demonstration
  • MSA SCBA Service & Maintenance
  • MSA Harness & Hose Maintenance
  • Cascade Filling Operations
  • Air Compressor Maintenance Training
  • SCBA Quick-Fill Operations
  • Experienced & Trained Staffs

SCBAs & Fill Stations

  • 5 to 50 CFM Compressors
  • Cascade Systems, Air Reels & Air Hoses
  • New UN & ASME Cylinders
  • Vehicle or FD Station SCBA Filling Units
  • SCBA Fill Stations Required by NFPA
  • For Safety… Update SCBA Filling Operations
  • Posi-Chek Testing of MSA SCBA Units
  • Inspection of Hose, Face Piece, & Electronics
  • SCBA Cylinder Repairs
  • MSA Respiratory Fit Testing
  • On-Site Testing & Certification of SCBA Units
  • Comprehensive Parts Inventory Carried on Our Service Vehicles
  • Prompt & Friendly Parts & Service Personnel


If you would like more information on our SCBAs or any of our breathing air product line,
please contact Kathy Hall, 800-642-8484, ext. 306,

If you have questions or need service for your existing breathing air equipment
please contact Mac Northrop, 800-642-8484, ext. 317,

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